1. Mr_Kaffeine91's Avatar
    So on the old BB's (with physical keyboard) we could insert symbols by pressing the ALT key and a key to insert a symbol.

    I've seen other branded phones have constant symbols appear on the regular keyboard (one that pops up when you need to type something)...and it can be used to insert symbols by holding down the letter.

    i.e.,: B has ! on it. Press B, get b. Hold B, get !

    How do I do this on my DTEK 60?
    01-11-18 12:09 PM
  2. wmatsura's Avatar
    BB keyboard doesn't work like that. Long press a key and you get the corresponding capital letter and variations. For symbols, swipe down on the BB keyboard (you can customize the symbols).

    Or you can install another keyboard app
    01-11-18 04:09 PM

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