1. anon(10173658)'s Avatar

    I could be losing it, but when I first got my DTEK by default the home button opened Google Voice search, but I installed Cortana to try it and now when I go into voice settings to set Google back it's the browser search not just the voice option... does anyone know of any way to get this option back.

    07-17-17 02:31 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    does anyone know of any way to get this option back.
    If you still have Cortana installed, tapp on your account, go to settings, and choose set Cortana as default assistant. Once that opens, change it back to Google.

    If you don't have Cortana installed, just go to Settings, type Assistant in search and go to Assistant & Voice Input, set Google as default.
    07-17-17 03:40 PM

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