1. geneinhk's Avatar
    On my 32gb Internal Storage, 12gb was taken up by Apps. I did not dare to delete. 9gb was taken up by System. Cannot delete. 7gb was taken up by Internal Storage - other.

    After cleaning all the photos, videos and worthy documents off my blackberry (which took forever; another story), I was still without much Internal Storage.

    After touring through the hundred sub folders in my Internal Storage, I decided that there was some hidden cache bb native file management was not showing me.

    So I took the plunge. I highlighted and deleted all the sub folders under Internal Storage - Other. After rebooting, the file size dropped from 7gb to 0.5 gb. AND ALL MY APPS STILL WORKED.

    It was actually very helpful in that it deleted the cached gifs and jpegs that my Asian friends and acquaintances spam out daily, while not losing any conversations. I use WhatsApp, Line, WeChat.

    Good luck
    05-22-19 12:12 AM
  2. vishesh batra's Avatar
    I did the same not much of a help tbh and worse was I deleted some important files I think and now the phone doesn't save call logs and freezes (hang) quite often.

    Any help would be appreciated 😪
    05-22-19 01:27 AM

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