11-18-16 09:35 AM
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  1. SeanKent's Avatar
    The fingerprint sensor is fantastic and far more useful than I had anticipated. I use it a dozen times per day. So quick compared to typing in a code! I also use it for some individual apps as a sign in.
    Which apps may I ask?

    I have never been asked for that *except* on boot (which does require it.)
    11-18-16 07:59 AM
  2. Centerman66's Avatar
    I use it with my Bank of America app and Enpass. Both as a proxy for the traditional login process.
    11-18-16 08:22 AM
  3. liquidneon's Avatar
    Agreed - I did not realize how useful the fingerprint sensor would be. Honestly one of my fav features! I have a laptop with it and I hated it so much i disabled.

    For me, I like my phone locked nearly all the time. security timeout @ 30 seconds, power button locks phone, etc. I never want my phone unlocked. With my passport, I would lift up the phone, hit power button, and type in my password. I was OK with this.
    with D60, I pick it up with my finger over the sensor, it turns on the screen AND simultaneously unlocks! it's beautiful. Makes it faster/easier/safer (while driving). big deal for me. within apps, it's cool, but not as significant.
    11-18-16 09:35 AM
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