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    Well, as much as my new DTEK60 is exceeding as my Passport BB10 replacement...

    My biggest issue is Google Maps App. Being on a native Android device one would think I shouldn't have this issue but here it is.

    On my Mac or PC, when I go on Google maps /your places /Maps, I can edit, replace and / or delete but for the life of me...i can't on this DTEK60 Android device. Funny... can't edit a native google map app running on an Android OS.

    If someone knows how, all responses will be very much appreciated.
    12-08-16 12:17 AM
  2. YeemanBB's Avatar
    Haven't used Google Maps on a PC for years and I don't really remember what it was like. For the mobile app, all actions start with the map showing the place that you searched, you tapped or you recalled from Your Places. On this screen, drag the bottom text portion up. You will see a star (save) icon, and a flag (label) icon and a share icon. Tap the star to save/unsave a place. Tap the flag to add/edit/remove a label for your saved place. You can also unsave a place or remove a label through Your Places (tap the 3 dots on the right of your listing). You can text edit the addresses for Home and for Work only also through Your Places.
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    12-09-16 09:40 PM

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