1. slebdog's Avatar
    For all of my contacts I only use my Gmail account to keep the master list. On my phone I don't use the local account to store contacts or any other account...just my Gmail. However, on my phone, the contacts app and the phone app show duplicates for several of my contacts, some show multiple copies, however from a web browser on my laptop, my Gmail account shows no duplicates. Furthermore, in the phone if I run the 'find duplicates tool' in contacts, none of the duplicates that I see show up. Again, the only contacts account that I use on my phone is gmail, but it shows many duplicates...it seems that the database is not syncing to Google properly. Any one have any experience with this?

    I also downloaded the Google contacts app and all of my contacts display correctly in their app, however the blackberry phone app still shows all of the duplicates.

    Any help is appreciated. Is there a way to reset the blackberry phone and contacts app so that they can start with a fresh sync to Google?

    thank you
    02-05-18 12:49 PM
  2. wilkto's Avatar
    Did you perhaps, from the contacts app, click, settings > general settings > copy contacts. Don't, it creates shadow duplicates. Really infuriating bug.
    02-05-18 01:32 PM
  3. slebdog's Avatar
    Did you perhaps, from the contacts app, click, settings > general settings > copy contacts. Don't, it creates shadow duplicates. Really infuriating bug.
    I don't recall doing that. You mention the idea of 'shadow duplicates'...that's a good description because these duplicates that I have, they can only be selected one a time...if I long press one of the contacts to select it, I can select other different contacts to have multiple contacts selected, however for the duplicates, it will only let me select one of the two or three or four copies....it's like the duplicates aren't a separate, different document, but it shows up multiple times in the view...like you said, shadow duplicates.....if I delete one of the duplicates, all of the shadow duplicates get deleted as well. Is there a way to fix the shadow duplicate issue? Thank you!
    02-05-18 02:12 PM
  4. wilkto's Avatar
    The only way I can fix it, there are others cleverer than I, is backup Gmail on pc > delete all contacts on phone > let Gmail, whatsapp, bbm, telegram etc re-populate overnight > tidy up and merge as necessary.
    02-05-18 02:21 PM
  5. fireater1968's Avatar
    fixed my dups... i exported my google contacts with my pc in the google contacts section to a csv file. then deleted all contacts. then reimported. fixed!
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    02-05-18 03:09 PM
  6. slebdog's Avatar
    Can anyone think of another way to reset the contacts in the blackberry contacts and phone app instead of exporting Google contacts, deleting phone contacts and re-importing contacts into Google? I can do it this way, but since I also sync google contacts to another system at my job, it just further complicates things to delete the Google contacts. Thanks for the help!
    02-05-18 04:54 PM
  7. mellowjellow's Avatar
    This will only get fixed forever if there's application management App in depth ( already had one by default on lollipop) which provides "write - edit contact "permission setting for all App . App like Whatsapp, Paytm, Truecaller, etc which has add contact functionality within app, tends to create duplicate contacts.
    02-05-18 10:43 PM

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