1. DroidBerryGuy's Avatar
    Would love to see folks who have both the Dtek60 and Priv contribute to this thread in the coming days. I have the Priv and like many folks, would love to see an actual comparison of the two devices instead of just the specs side by side. Specifically, I would like to see side by side photos taken by both devices as well as battery comparisons after a few days of use.

    I spent $800 when the Priv came out, but really would like to see how this phone stacks up.
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    10-25-16 06:38 PM
  2. jagrlover's Avatar
    Other than the keyboard, the 60 looks better. If I win the giveaway, I'll have a better answer for you.
    10-25-16 08:08 PM
  3. Dr_BlackBerry's Avatar
    Awesome thread...thanks for starting it :-)

    I too would love to see a comparison. Currently have my Passport SE and love it, but no the writing is on the wall and am going to have to go down the Android route.

    I buy my BlackBerrys from Clove UK and seeing that the Priv is 66 cheaper than the DTEK60, would love to know whether the DTEK60 is worth the extra money.

    Look forward to seeing some feedback on this thread

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    10-25-16 08:26 PM
  4. edrzr's Avatar
    Yet even more Temptation from waiting for the Mercury.
    10-25-16 09:02 PM
  5. yohannyphm's Avatar
    Waiting for mine, will update when I get it now I will enjoy mi Priv.
    10-25-16 10:13 PM

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