1. Xerograv's Avatar
    Hey, lately my video camera won't shut off. I take a video, I try to turn off the camera and it just doesn't. I have to minimize it and it stops on its own after 10 seconds or so. Any insight?
    05-23-17 01:05 AM
  2. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    The BlackBerry camera is an app. So, I suggest you disable it, turn off the device for at least a few minutes, and then via the playstore, download the BlackBerry camera app again.

    You can disable the app using either the playstore or in settings, apps.

    Please post back if that sorts it. 😀
    05-23-17 04:43 AM
  3. Xerograv's Avatar
    I tried that once to no avail but thought what the heck let's try again cus someone else said so, lol. What ya know? So far so good. Keep you posted, thanks!
    anon(3641385) likes this.
    05-23-17 01:58 PM

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