1. MeisterLi92's Avatar
    Hello Guys,

    this is my first post. I live in Germany and got my DTEK60 just 2 weeks ago. I had a Samsung before and am totally flashed by the Blackberry Experience (even if it's maybe not the "real" one as in BB10 as said here... i don't know about this, the DTEK60 is my first BB Phone)...

    I have just one Question (didn't really find an answer in the search function, hopefully this can be solved quickly...):
    I am a bit confused about the short-button "mute ringtones", which can be assigned as icon on every homescreen or (as is wanted to do) assigned for the convenience button. Vibrate and silent mode works fine, but unfortunately when i repress the button the sound is unmuted but with a veeeery low level (like 15 % or so, too low for normal usage). I would like to restore the previous volume setting (which was about 75-80%) but the phone always returns to the 15% setting.

    Do you guys experience the same? Or is there any trick? If i mute/unmute the sound in the dropdown menu, there is no problem, but this is alot of action for such a simple thing. I love swiping and shortcuts etc.!

    I hope, you can help me.

    12-05-16 07:49 PM
  2. YeemanBB's Avatar
    It is a known problem that has not been fixed. I use the More Shortcuts app to create a ring Volume shortcut myself and it works. i.e. when unmuted, the volume goes back to where it was.
    12-05-16 08:07 PM

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