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    Hi guys, need some advice from the forums.

    My DTEK60 reacted unusual for about half a year where battery drain and heated when I am on youtube or long web browsing. Battery drain from 100% to 70% overnite idling. From 70% to 55% upon mail reading for less than 30 minutes. 55% to 20% with some in and out of emails till noon. This is the daily routine battery draining. Screen on time never exceed 45 minutes. And for GPS usage (eg. waze) it drain from 100% to 45% for 45 minutes drive.

    Upon these above, I sent my dtek to the service centre in my country (Malaysia) - Brightstar Service. The took a day to diagnose and told me that is motherboard fault instead not the battery. Will this be the truth or possible? any idea guys? the cost quoted is 10x higher than the battery cost. Wow....

    Thanks ahead for the advices.
    03-07-18 07:27 PM
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    It could be, since motherboards are responsible for integrating all the hardware components of a device (thus, MOTHERboard)

    There's a post somewhere in here from a guy that changed his battery by himself. He says that during that process, he noticed that the connector from the antenna to the motherboard was loose, which could explain battery drain and why the phone gets hot when using the internet. That could be the same problem with your device
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    03-07-18 11:27 PM
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    yah, i read that too. am studying all post here similar to my issue.....

    about to give up on bb soon i guess
    03-08-18 09:19 AM
  4. sowhoong's Avatar
    You know what? I didn't proceed with the motherboard change. I asked them to replace the battery for me instead. The service told me if the problem isn't solve, they will not bear.

    Below is my day 3 battery use.
    Attached Thumbnails DTEK60 to replace motherboard???-21919.jpg  
    03-11-18 03:07 AM

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