1. bookworm1959's Avatar
    Here's the problem. BlackBerry Hub+Services ver 1.53.45851 on my DTEK60. (BBA100-1)

    I receive an email, Twitter, Instagram etc notification in the status bar, plus the Hub icon on the screen shows the notification splat. I open the Hub, and swipe left to delete the email, Instagram, etc, say OK to the confirmation of delete. But it doesn't actually delete. Not right away. The splat still shows a new notification, the status bar still shows a notification, and the email is still showing up in the Hub. They disappear if I reboot the phone. Or if I wait for half an hour and lock it, they seem to finally disappear from the Hub. If I open the email and delete from there, it's the same thing. The email stays on the screen, I have to back arrow to the Hub, and the email is still listed, ultimately clearing a while later (time frame seems to vary as to how long it takes)
    Android version is 6.0.1 last security patch was May 5th.
    It's quite annoying. Any fixes? Or is it a quirk with the May update?
    06-22-17 06:27 PM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello assume you have also updated to latest HUB ver . Another point is go into settings , storage, internal and clear CACHE. Right after hold down power button during at least 32 seconds. This reset simulates a battery pull. I normally clear cache and reset right after when it reaches 1gb level. Good luck
    06-23-17 04:27 AM
  3. bookworm1959's Avatar
    Hi Rico, thanks for the suggestion. I am using that version of Hub. As of this morning the problem has resolved itself, for now. It's happened before, and after a while it starts working properly again, but it's very annoying. I can't always rely on notifications.
    06-23-17 10:02 AM

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