1. ferrcad's Avatar
    Hi Forum...

    I have poured over this forum this morning looking for an answer to a spring type holster like the Seidio line. I'm looking to purchase a Incipio Dual Pro case for the DTEK60 and was wondering if anyone has crossed matched it to a Seidio Spring holster. I know when I purchased my Z30 I was able to get a Otterbox Defender Case and a Samsung Galaxy S5 Seidio Holster and it has worked well. I was even able to glue a magnet in the holster so that it would put my Z30 to sleep as normal. Anything available similar to this with the Incipio Case crossover to the Seidio. I have reached out to Seidio and they have no plans to sell anything for the DTEK60 line.

    Any help would be appreciated... Just don't like the flapped Blackberry holster...
    02-11-17 09:47 AM
  2. danp2000's Avatar
    I purchased a Covrware Alcatel Idol 4 (Aegis Series) Holster Armor Case, not Idol 4s, from Amazon. The clip fits the BlackBerry Soft Shell case pretty well, not a perfect fit but it works.
    02-11-17 12:16 PM
  3. ferrcad's Avatar
    Well since my initial post I went over to Phone Arena and did a side by side comparison with some phones and saw that the Galaxy S6 edge+ was very close in size. I saw that Seidio sells the holster made for the Dilex case which looks closely like the Incipio. I decided to roll the dice and purchase one to ses how it fits... Will get back to you all once I have them in my hands for testing.
    02-11-17 01:48 PM
  4. ferrcad's Avatar
    Well so being the Guinea Pig... I have the phone being delivered tomorrow but all the accessories showed up today. I can tell you the Seidio Dilex Galaxy S6 Edge+ holster and the DTEK60 Incipio Dual Pro case fit like a glove. Not sure if a magnet installed in the Seido case will do a sleep when in the holster but I will do some more testing once I get the phone. I did not read anywhere that the DTEK60 is similar to the BB devices when holstered and magnet is present. Anyone care to chime in on that side.
    02-15-17 05:28 PM

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