1. ahmedhanif911's Avatar
    Has anyone got few very small lines on their dtek60 screens when on a grey background for instance the quick settings screen but only noticeable on medium to lowest brightness in a dark room.

    If I put the brightness up above half they dissappear.

    If someone can please have a look at the pic and then test it on their own phones. Ive notices it doesn't come up when seen on another phone but attached photo tells you where to look on your screen to test.

    Anyone else? Thanks.
    Attached Thumbnails dtek60 dead pixels?-17350.jpg  
    12-07-16 06:58 PM
  2. drcujo's Avatar
    I can`t see anything like that on mine.
    12-07-16 07:57 PM
  3. ahmedhanif911's Avatar
    Cool thanks, looks like I'll have to exchange probably a faulty screen looks like burning or some sort.
    12-08-16 12:17 AM

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