12-06-18 09:44 PM
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    I also changed my battery. But the connector literally fell off the board. I had to buy a microscope to solder on a new one . The mini RF connector I got off a Samsung S4 from a cell shop. Spoke with buddy for a few min. Was going to charge me $2. But gave it to me for free. So.. $40 battery off Ebay. Free connector. And a $300 video / optical proper electronics microscope. Job done. But holly hell its easy to do with a microscope. Wanted to buy one for years.

    Now with the new battery I get 30+h of use. Or 15h of heavy use and surfing.

    I bought the phone used and assumed this crappy battery life was normal. Once the phone just started shutting off at 40% 3 times a day I said enough was enough.

    The idol 4s battery was twice the weight of the original BlackBerry one. Same writing same everything. I guess the electrolyte evaporated out of it. Or acutell actually intentionally puts in sub parr batteries into the dtek60
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    07-21-18 04:43 PM
  2. Theo Groenevelt's Avatar
    Its great you were able to repair your own phone....My eyes at 65 are about as uselful as Bubbles on TPB's...LOl . So Doing said repair aint happening...Working on my 2006 Duramax.? Thats a diff story...Guess I prefer Macro...

    Good on ya ... if it were me, I'd simply replace the phone..
    08-18-18 07:16 PM
  3. Pau1's Avatar
    Hello everyone, it seems as though I have accidentally discovered the bad battery or battery drain ROOT cause during a battery swap I performed myself on the Dtek60.

    Those of you that are having the battery issues, did you ever notice the phone being unusually warm while web browsing or youtube or streaming radio? Mine has always been very warm - I always thought it was some app running in the background in some kinda loop...

    So there is a DIY youtube video which I followed ...


    So I changed the battery via the instructions on the video ...
    NOTE - the battery can be the first component to come out after back cover has been removed.
    It went well and the new battery was working great... how ever in the next day or 2 I found I was getting really crappy cell service... definitely worse than normal...I never found this phone to have stellar reception...
    I thought oh oh I must have dinged some thing while taking the phone apart...
    So I watch the video again and right around the 5 minute mark there is mention of a communication cable. I assumed this must have been the "antenna" wire.
    So I take the phone apart AGAIN and to my surprise the communication or coaxial cable with a 90 degree connector is in fact in its place.
    However upon closer examination with dental tools I see that its loose or flopping around on the pin that it should be tight on. I thought I must have somehow damaged it while taking the phone apart ...
    Anyway quick fix I cut some plastic shims out of clear hard plastic used in packaging and set them on top of the connector and put the back cover on the phone so that it would keep downward pressure on the shimms on the connector.

    Problem solved .. in fact i've never had such good reception on that phone before.. it can now be used in parts of the house where I couldn't have had a conversation before due to the cutting in and out.....

    Later that night I'm now web browsing - I'm a heavy surfer usually opening multiple pages a switching back and for between them while researching products or going through forums....etc etc....
    I noticed something very unusual .. the phone is not hot like it usually is...

    It dawned on me... that antenna wire has been loose for a really long time.. Im not an electrical engineer but common sense tells me..
    the transmitter is trying to send a signal through the coaxial cable down to the antenna.. connection is not optimum .. the transmitter has no where to dissipate the signal so it starts heating up... in fact it might even increase the juice thinking reception is poor causing more heat and battery drain....this vicious cycle perhaps a thousand or more times in the year I've owned the phone is ultimately what wiped out the original battery..
    The new battery was to see the exact same fate of the old battery had I not accidentally discovered what's going on.

    The phone doesn't heat up anymore and the new battery is lasting really long now...

    I have not dropped this phone even once so I am assuming that 90 degree cable connector must have been bunged up some how during the original assembly of the phone...
    It just took a while to wear out the battery and wear it out it did... I had to plug that phone 5 times a day...

    All good now... hope this can help others.

    This is my post on changing the battery,

    08-22-18 01:53 PM
  4. Pau1's Avatar
    Thanks Cleanser.. just ordered a battery. hope I can be as careful as it looks like you need to be..
    08-22-18 01:55 PM
  5. seawage's Avatar
    Thanks for the topic Cleanser.

    Battery problems started this summer. I found myself having to charge my phone 2-3 times a day. On top of that, the phone would turn off at 10-20% capacity. It's been a year and a half since I bought the phone and I didn't want to spend $500 on a new phone when the only issue was with the battery, since I can still use all my apps with android 6. After seeing this I decided to order a replacement battery for Alcatel idol 4s from amazon and it worked! Getting a little bit over a day's use with a full charge, just as I would when I had first purchased the phone. Should get me through another year before having to buy a new phone. As suggested, I don't seem to be experiencing over heating as well after the replacement. It's definitely worth the trouble if you're having awful battery life.

    Just a couple notes, the whole process took me about 30-40 minutes. It's my first time doing this and I don't think its very difficult. Also, I used a hair dryer to remove the back cover and to stick the cover back after replacing the battery. The Alcatel disassembly video shows doing a bunch of stuff before actually removing the battery. However, I found that I could remove and replace the battery after taking off the back cover along with the fingerprint sensor and the speaker in the bottom. (Be careful removing the adhesive tapes of the battery. The one in the bottom ripped apart too early and I had to use some force to remove the battery)
    08-24-18 08:04 PM
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    Load Accubattery and stop charging at 80%. The DTEK60 (and many other devices) intentionally runs the charge "hot" (too high a voltage) which increases charge rate but also does severe damage to the battery's cycle life if you allow the battery to charge fully.

    You'll at *least* double your battery cycle life -- and probably triple it -- by doing this.
    08-30-18 07:48 PM
  7. Jake2826's Avatar
    Load Accubattery and stop charging at 80%. The DTEK60 (and many other devices) intentionally runs the charge "hot" (too high a voltage) which increases charge rate but also does severe damage to the battery's cycle life if you allow the battery to charge fully.

    You'll at *least* double your battery cycle life -- and probably triple it -- by doing this.
    This is interesting. How did you determine this? Also, can a lower voltage charger, say from an old BBOS device help rectify this issue? Thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    08-30-18 09:02 PM
  8. Susmitsingh Pawade's Avatar
    battery drain problem solved after when I start accessing internet services through wifi from my another phone.
    I stopped use of internet through sim card.
    magically dtek60 gives over a day battery backup.
    I charged 99% at 4:30 pm n now 09.58 pm battery percentage is 73%
    09-18-18 11:29 AM
  9. LoveMyLBZ's Avatar
    Also having horrible battery drain / over heating issues for a while. I found my cable to be canted on the RF jack, not completely flat, when I disassembled my phone again. I made sure it was flat, and the cable tucked away well, and have not had any issues for a while now, no over heating, no quick draining.

    Thanks for this!
    09-18-18 01:40 PM
  10. Lifestyles's Avatar
    has anybody tried the antennae fix without replacing the battery?
    10-18-18 02:10 PM
  11. fabio1's Avatar
    Finally an app that works and helps and calibrated the battery

    11-07-18 12:06 AM
  12. mjike's Avatar
    This phone is showing its age and isn't worth a battery replacement anymore. Maybe in 2017, but not worth it at the tail end of 2018.
    12-06-18 09:44 PM
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