1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    After doing a factory reset, the apps size become larger. Can I reduce it to the regular size ?
    01-28-18 04:27 AM
  2. tonycanuck's Avatar
    Yes: To adjust display settings, find an empty or blank part of your display; touch and hold until settings appear at the bottom of the display.

    Choose "Settings," and select "Icon layout."

    You can now adjust the size of your icons, as well as choose the number of rows and columns you desire.
    01-28-18 07:15 AM
  3. bonimansi's Avatar
    actually I'm referring to the phone apps. any chance to downsize them?
    01-29-18 12:50 AM
  4. OG_Showtime's Avatar
    Please help with any possible suggestions or options.... After getting a repair shop to replace dtek60 screen immediately after turning on for 1st time the screen aspect is larger than normal to where apps, widgets, screen picture, and everything else is magnified and does not fit on to the page. When I get calls I cannot even see some of the options as the magnification level does not allow the follow letters on screen. I did verify that the replacement part ordered was indeed for a dtek60 and not any other BB but I was also told that the connector of dtek60 replacement part would not fit any other BB phone, is that correct?

    I have tried everything that the repair shop and I can think of:
    * Display: - Wallpaper
    - Font Size (small, normal, large, huge)

    * Accessibility: - Magnification gestures (tried off and on)
    - Large Text (off and on)

    * Blackberry Launcher:
    - icon packs tried all 3 (BB 7 icon, BB 10 pack, and Andriod system pack)
    - icon layout changed icon size slider and also every grid option

    Please pass along to anyone that you think might have any ideas or options to try.
    01-29-18 12:02 PM

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