1. RSicarius's Avatar

    I already made reset to factory settings, clean phone, and even after that it still lagging sometime, even when i turn off then on the phone and try to enter my pass its laggy.
    What can be the reason and how to fix.
    It began suddenly 2-3 weaks ago without any reason. I didnt do nor install nothing new. The phone didnt fell down.

    Maybe someone know and can help?

    Thank you in advance
    Have a nice day
    11-04-19 03:56 PM
  2. PantherBlitz's Avatar
    Is there an OS autoloader for the DTEK60? If so give that a try with instructions that you can find on these forums. If that does not solve it, then it is possible that the hardware is developing issues. Sometimes computing devices get buggy when internal errors start developing from caps that throw out stray signals, hairline cracks in ribbons, solder joints, or PCBs, even a CPU or RAM that gets flaky. The device has to error-correct around these issues and hangs while it is doing so.
    11-04-19 08:54 PM

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