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    While in FNAC Madrid today I found both of the models on display and decided to get acquainted.

    I now know that they are both out of production and I took this into account and was surprised at the ridiculous prices:
    Dtech 50: 295€
    Dtech 60: 575€
    How are they going to get rid of them at this price?

    The D60 felt classy and obviously above the D50, but I liked the light weight and the rubber back with the BB logo on the D50. There was no BB look about the D60 unless the security plug was covering the logo.
    The store cards mentioned that they had Marshmallow and the last security updates in June 2106!!!!

    This was my first time using an Adroid BB and I would've been be quite happy to use them instead of another standard slab while I'm waiting for the Keyone but for the short future life span.

    The keyboard was easier to type on than my S7e.
    A couple of points.
    On the D60 I had the 'floaty' predictive words but at one stage the word I wanted was covering the space bar so I got stuck. the D50 didn't have this option turned on. I think I could get used to it, but it takes some practice.

    One point is that I normally write equally in Spanish and English all day changing constantly and also write about 10% in Catalan and I couldn't find how to change the keyboard to a 2 or 3 language setting on either phone, it just gave me one option.

    I have two languages on the Samsung and it's a nightmare working with it, which I why I use my laptop most of the time. It corrects my English to Spanish constantly despite have a English as a second language option and the predictive words aren't tip top in either language. It's just unworkable really. Definitely much better on the BBs in the main language setting. I notice the Keyone can be set for multiple languages.

    I wanted to personalise the skin/wallpaper to make the Dtechs more professional black and BB. and I didn't like any of the OE options.

    The ability to type well on a keyboard whether V or P KB is a deal-breaker for me.
    Both the Android BBs and the iphone are easier to type on than the Samsungs for me.

    The hands on trial has satisfied me enough that I'd be happy to use the Adroid BB features on a Keyone.

    I just hope I can get my hands on it in a few weeks' time before committing to buying.

    So, to sum up, I like both of them. The D60 is definitely at a higher spec level, but the D50 is very good value for money in comparison even with lower but workable specs.

    However, given they are both out of production the prices are ridiculous in FNAC. And since future updates are out of the question I think it'd be better to not buy either.

    Future BB slabs should have at least one high spec model, look BB, be BB secure and be more competitively priced.

    07-05-17 05:03 PM
  2. krazyatom's Avatar
    It's really hard to recommend dtek series since they probably won't get any OS updates. I'll pick it up if they're super cheap and you don't expect any OS updates.
    07-05-17 06:46 PM
  3. stanfordprof's Avatar
    I have had the 60 since the beginning. It's a superb phone, in all aspects. I recently made it far better than when I received it by switching to Nova as the launcher, Business Calendar as the calendar, Textra for texting and Gboard as the keyboard. The other thing to do is to get rid of the animations by going into developer mode. The phone is blazingly fast.

    of course, imo, as always!😊
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    07-05-17 08:43 PM
  4. unrealmcoy's Avatar
    Blackberry has catered to its business users for a long time and I respect that, and I also believe that they should continue doing so. However, far too many consumers are waiting on Blackberry to develop a consumer phone. It wouldn't hurt to release a limited supply of truly high-end device and not just the atrociously high-priced limited editions. Blackberry don't even need to spend too much on r&d about what consumers want, and they should already know what it is. People are buying the expensive iphone despite its obvious shortcomings (short battery life, just ok screen, not very good security, no usb-c, no headphone jack). A lot of people don't want to acknowledge it, but the 2 main reasons why people buy it are these:
    1.) it looks sleek, beautiful, futuristic, minimalistic. I applaud samsung for recognizing this and creating the s8.
    2.) best in class stills and movie camera. Google Pixel has done a great job with this one.

    These 2 understand what needs to be done, although Google screwed it up with the design and that's why the s8 will outsell it, if it hasn't yet done that.
    07-08-17 01:23 AM
  5. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    Quote. The other thing to do is to get rid of the animations by going into developer mode. The phone is blazingly fast.

    of course, imo, as always!😊[/QUOTE]

    Can you explain? What animations and why get rid of them and how?
    I do find the 60 extremely fast. I like the size of the 50 better, but the 60 has a better battery and more internal storage.

    BB 9000>Q10>Z10>Z30>Z30>
    07-11-17 05:40 PM

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