1. rlchapin's Avatar
    Does the DTEK use a different dialer than stock android? (I hope) I hate the stock android dialer/contacts. With stock it is impossible to see the organization name under the individual when looking at contacts (like all previous BB's did). Now I have to append every individual name with the organization...messy and a pain. Having three guys in my phone named Steve Johnson, it is impossible to tell which is which with stock dialer, so I append the names with organization. Why they can't add this feature to stock dialer is ridiculous. Anyway does the DTEK resolve this? Or is it a stock dialer? I have looked at all sorts of dialer programs on google play. Problem is many of them (True Dialer specifically) upload your contacts to their server. Not going to happen with me!
    07-09-17 03:54 PM
  2. wmatsura's Avatar
    Phone and contacts app aren't stock android's. BlackBerry Contacts show the organization of your contacts above their names. The phone app doesn't show the organization in the integrated contact list, though. It should not be a big deal to you, as you can call a contact directly from the BlackBerry Contacts app.
    The only thing that never really caught my attention before is if the contact's organization show up when they call you.. maybe someone else can help you out with this one
    07-09-17 08:26 PM
  3. stanfordprof's Avatar
    what are the best alternative dialers for Android? I would love to change to something better.
    07-09-17 08:57 PM
  4. mellowjellow's Avatar
    True phone. It solves contacts duplication, easy managing of contacts.

    Drupe is good too
    07-10-17 01:09 AM
  5. stanfordprof's Avatar
    True phone. It solves contacts duplication, easy managing of contacts.

    Drupe is good too
    07-10-17 12:07 PM

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