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    My charging port is all but wasted, and I need to replace it. USB C port soldering is difficult(go watch a video), so I am going to replace the whole daughter board it is attached to. I couldn't find a genuine replacement, so I got a "IDOL4 Prosub V03" daughter board (picture included). It looks like it is missing one contactor, and the vibration motor, so I plan on soldering those items on from the old board.

    This is my adventure, and I invite you on it, if you don't hear back from me, assume I now own a brick.

    Original symptoms:
    1. Loss of 'quick charging ' prompt, and full 3-5 hour charge time from 1-100% on battery.

    2. Constant 'charging / disconnected' cycle when charging cable is moved in any direction beyond straight on. Appears as though the cable snaps in on the sides of the black connector board within the plug, and both sides are mostly striped away.
    3. No snap feeling when connecting charging cables.
    Daughter Board Replacement-img_20180913_2126274.jpgDaughter Board Replacement-img_20180913_2142225.jpg

    Update 1: The view of the board currently in my DTek60, US Spec, BBA100-1 is posted in the replies below.
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    Subscribed. Love these thread and ingenuity of the community. Good luck.

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    09-13-18 03:44 PM
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    Progress update 1:
    Disassembled and compared boards. DTek board has a 9 pin IC chip, and 3-4 micro components difference. Had to turn back on to watch the youtube video again, board is a snug fit. FYI, phone works without bottom speaker grill portion or back with fingerprint scanner.
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    Progress Update 2:
    The board is secured to the screen with metallic looking adhesive. Used a plastic pry tool to separate, starting at the port side and slowly progressing across. Vibration motor is very snug, be careful there.
    09-13-18 04:53 PM
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    Progress Update 3:

    The transplant did not take. The phone will turn on and function without the daughter board installed, but I wasn't able to snap any pictures to compare the two boards side by side. With the substitute board in, the charging indicator never turned on, and the phone continued to drain power.
    HOWEVER, I was able to squeeze down the housing of the original charging port, and restore the click when inserting the charging cable. 10 minutes I to charging, and I no longer experience the constant 'charging / disconnected ' cycle that has been plaguing me for months. SUCCESS! Although I lost the 'quick charging' prompt months ago and it hasn't reappeared as of now.

    Will return the part, and continue my search for an original DTek60 daughter board to replace this one(sell me yours).☺
    09-13-18 05:54 PM
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    You really have interest in fixing stuff.
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    You really have interest in fixing stuff.
    It makes sense if you have the know how to save tons of money, and learn how things work.
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    Currently installed original board.Daughter Board Replacement-img-20180918-wa0002.jpg
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    You can see the additional grounding clip to the left of the vibration motor (orange baseboard), the 9 pin microprocessor southeast of it, and a few micro components that are not present on the Idol 4S, or BBA100-2 boards.

    *DO NOT USE THOSE BOARDS, THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE*Daughter Board Replacement-img-20180918-wa0004.jpg
    09-18-18 02:37 PM

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