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    I have found the battery drain is not from a hardware issue. The battery drain is from the Google photo app. It backs up and sinks constantly and shares with Google assistant continuously. Not only the battery drain requires you to charge phone 5-6 times in a day, It takes 4 hours plus to fully charge.
    I opened settings shut off back up and sync, went into Google Photo App and turned off all sharing, which was about 12-15 different things, Turned off Google assistant....
    **Charging time now to fully charged is about 1 hour, not 4 +
    **Battery stays charged all day with normal usage.

    If you look in settings you will see Google Photos is your main battery usage.
    Not saying some may have a loose connection in a phone, but I say every D-TEK 60 dose not have that issue

    Before taking your phone apart and chancing a catastrophic event, I would suggest you shut down all Google Photo sharing and shut down back up and sync, turn off Google Assistant and you will find your battery has a full life

    My charging time to full charge is now 1 hour or less and no drastic battery drain at all

    No new battery, no disassemble and repair
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    Have been using the DTEK60 for about two years now and was facing all of the battery drain issues that many have reported on here. Finally tapped out and went with Pixel phone. The reason I mention this is two fold.

    First is that while using my Pixel 2XL I realized how powerful and well integrated Android can be. One of the best features is Google Photos which auto syncs all your images online. The saving I got in storage alone was well worth the cost of the new phone. Many more but experiencing Android on a Pixel is stunning to say the least. And I have Hub+ installed so everything just transferred over seamlessly from my DTEK60.

    The other is that I still did not want to trash my DTEK60 so I asked around about getting the battery replaced. Fortunately in India the replacement was easy to do at cost of Rs 2000 ($28) including labor. After getting the battery replaced I have been a little more careful with charging the phone and my battery life is a healthy 2 days plus. Granted I no longer use the DTEK60 as my daily driver so no Whatsapp and mail but I love using it for Youtube and news reading.

    I would suggest getting the battery changed if you can. The software is not the issue at all. Android absolutely rocks as I can see it for myself on the Pixel.

    As always your mileage may vary.

    02-06-19 03:58 AM
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    I'm still in love with my device and that's the reason I have done 3 battery replacements till now lol. ( In less than 2 years )Its a beast except the battery. It fails a lot. My 5 year old micromax hasn't gone a single battery change and still works for 2 days.

    Anyways the device still looks and feels brand new.
    02-07-19 10:14 AM
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    I changed the battery out last night. Besides loosening the glue to get the back cover off and battery out it was a piece of cake. I used a hair dryer. Best $19 I ever spent. There are only 3 steps to change it out, no screws like some videos show. Literally a new phone > https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07D5VSZ..._DNpOCbZ62MEH1
    03-31-19 12:41 PM
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    Besides the aging battery, some apps (E.g Netflix or FitBit) randomly drains battery on DTEK60. It is a known issue due to their Android 6 which never gets updated. You can find out which app uses battery on your DTEK60 to double confirm. There is no resolution apart from restarting the phone when it happens.
    04-04-19 12:45 AM

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