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    I have found the battery drain is not from a hardware issue. The battery drain is from the Google photo app. It backs up and sinks constantly and shares with Google assistant continuously. Not only the battery drain requires you to charge phone 5-6 times in a day, It takes 4 hours plus to fully charge.
    I opened settings shut off back up and sync, went into Google Photo App and turned off all sharing, which was about 12-15 different things, Turned off Google assistant....
    **Charging time now to fully charged is about 1 hour, not 4 +
    **Battery stays charged all day with normal usage.

    If you look in settings you will see Google Photos is your main battery usage.
    Not saying some may have a loose connection in a phone, but I say every D-TEK 60 dose not have that issue

    Before taking your phone apart and chancing a catastrophic event, I would suggest you shut down all Google Photo sharing and shut down back up and sync, turn off Google Assistant and you will find your battery has a full life

    My charging time to full charge is now 1 hour or less and no drastic battery drain at all

    No new battery, no disassemble and repair
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