1. tickerguy's Avatar
    I was just up on the AT near Neels Gap.

    I usually put my phone in "airplane mode" before going up on a trail in the backcountry, as the odds of a signal are slim and none, and the searching burns battery. No point to that.

    Anyway, about 4 miles into my hike and not on a ridge either, I got a hell of a surprise -- I received a text and the phone beeped in my pocket.

    Pulled it out and found.... two bars of LTE! Hmmm..... LTE Discovery said I was on Band 12 (extended-range LTE on T-Mobile) but here's the kicker -- it's best guess on tower location was close to 10 miles from my location.

    I shut off the radios to save battery, but later, on a ridge camped for the night, I again was able to get a Band12 signal. This was in North Georgia, which is not exactly a high-density area!

    I was impressed -- I've been on that section of the AT before with a different device and never had anything other than very-spotty GSM (enough to get a text message out, but forget a voice call say much less any sort of data link.) I admit that I didn't really like it though, as one of the points of going out there was to get the hell away from "society" and "technology" -- well, the DTEK60s radio performance disabused me of the belief that I was "away from it all" -- quite on accident.

    Make of it what you will.
    03-10-17 09:26 AM
  2. pomidor's Avatar
    Last summer, while I was on a catamaran half way between Sardinia and Sicily, I had a phone conversation on my z30. I checked the navigation app to see the distance to nearest land. 50 km. Maybe they have cell towers under water now
    03-10-17 09:42 AM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Glad it worked for you.... I do fishing in the Gulf of Mexico from time to time, we usually get service up to able 20 - 25 miles depending on weather. Nice flat terrain with nothing to block a signal - other than the Condos between us and the towers.
    03-10-17 09:48 AM
  4. tickerguy's Avatar
    20mi is possible if the tower is high enough. Curvature of the earth and all; physics is what it is.

    But to get a signal where I was -- well, that was impressive. I've had some pretty decent signal-grabbing phones in the past, but this thing reminds me of my Nokia 6610, which is my all-time monster in that regard.

    I've seen RF performance out of this device that has led me to believe it was really good in this regard, and have said so in my reviews on my blog, but having it lock on a signal like that up there just blew me away.
    03-10-17 01:03 PM

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