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    I am using icloud to sync my calendar and contacts with my laptop/phone. I'm using a DTEK60 andthe Em Client for email.The calendar syncing is working fine both ways as far as I can tell - and changes I make to contacts on my DTEK60 (running Marshmallow and the latest May 17 security patch) are syncing through to the EM Client. But changes to contacts I make in EM Client are not coming through to the phone - they are getting to my ICloud web login just fine - but thats as far as they go. I've tried re-entering passwords in the Contacts app on the phone and the other simple processes - but no success.
    05-10-17 03:46 AM
  2. Carvtech's Avatar
    The biggest problem that I've seen is if you are using two stage verification. That will effect how you authenticate with cloud services such as Icloud or Google. So turn it off f you can.

    I've been using gSyincit it works with Icloud, Google and another 10 or so cloud services. It will sync from outlook to the cloud and to any device that's using that account. So when you update a contact or add a calendar entry from outlook or the phone or tablet it will update it in the cloud and pass it to all other devices. It also supports multiple calendars if you happen to have one for the family and one for work.
    I've Been using it for several years with both my BB passport and now my BB DTek60. Use CardDav / CalDav Sync option for Icloud sync.

    gSyncit site Sync Outlook with Google Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

    Contacts not syncing to phone from icloud-gsyncit.jpg
    05-10-17 02:11 PM
  3. hotty17's Avatar
    Thanks for the lead, will investigate
    05-11-17 02:00 PM

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