1. aero500's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    Has anyone had any luck finding a charging dock for the Dtek 60? I cannot find one that allows the Detk 60 to sit on the dock on center. I recently purchased one for use with the Pixel XL. The issues with the unit is the Dtek 60 practically hangs off one end of the Dock because of the off center charging port on the Detk 60.

    Thnaks in advance!
    09-30-17 05:05 PM
  2. Dragnet Sound's Avatar
    Haven't seen one yet. Think I will DIY one though. Being Canadian surprised no one has made one themselves out of a Hockey Puck.
    A Puck with saw cut dato and a hole where the cable should go to center the phone then glue cable in place.
    Just a thought....
    anon(7915689) likes this.
    09-30-17 07:23 PM

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