06-25-18 03:02 PM
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  1. mellowjellow's Avatar
    Hi. It is easy to change?
    Is there any tutorial available?
    I don't have any tutorial as it was repaired by technical guy. But yeah it is easy as I saw what he did.

    Basically, he removed the sticker on which the lens is placed, found a glass which fits in, placed it and put some thin border of aerol ( Not sure what it was put it had 2 tubes Part A and B and he mixed them ) glue on sides and kept to dry for 15 mins. Done
    06-18-18 07:45 AM
  2. jas1978's Avatar
    I ordered that glass from Amazon and it fit my DTEK60 perfectly. Thanks!!
    06-25-18 03:02 PM
27 12

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