1. RCM78's Avatar
    Ever since I installed the August update last night my camera takes a picture, the thumbnail briefly appears in the lower left, and then it disappears. In the Camera settings, the option for storing photos and video to SD is no longer available.

    Anyone else having this issue? I'm likely going to format the SD card and see what happens.
    08-30-17 09:09 PM
  2. RCM78's Avatar
    Looks like some kind of SD card support issue. After formatting my SD card I get this error when I try to set it up to use either as internal or portable storage:

    "command '23 volume partition disk: 179.64 private' failed with '400 23 Command failed'"

    The exact same thing happened to my mom's DTEK50 so it's not a random SD card failure.
    08-30-17 09:22 PM
  3. RCM78's Avatar
    I bought and installed a new 128GB SD card and get a timeout error during the formatting process:

    Camera/SD Card Stopped Working After August Update-screenshot_20170906-141645.jpg

    Any suggestions for a fix are welcome.
    09-06-17 04:30 PM

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