1. Steve Kersley's Avatar
    I keep running into a minor but irritating intermittent niggle. If I double-press the power button to launch camera while phone is locked, most of the time it works. But sometimes it gets into a weird state where it'll play the normal sound, visibly start the camera app but then just crash back to the lock screen. I can repeat and same thing over and over. If I unlock the phone and run the camera app from the icon, then it runs fine. If I just leave it and try again in 5 minutes, it might work.

    Actually, thinking about it, sometimes it does this if I launch from double-pressing power while unlocked too - it launches camera, then crashes back to the lock screen even though the phone was previously unlocked. That happens less often but is more annoying!

    Only a minor thing, but sometimes I just want to quickly launch the camera app to take a photo without waiting to unlock it and get back to the home screen to launch from the icon - usually if I want to take a photo of our baby so I want to get the camera app up and running behind my back, as if she sees the phone she wants to grab it and touch it, and stops doing whatever she's doing! :-)

    Anyone else seen this happen?
    07-28-17 11:50 AM
  2. bestera's Avatar
    Try pressing the power button faster.
    07-28-17 02:02 PM
  3. Steve Kersley's Avatar
    No, already double-pressing it as fast as I can. However, I think I've pinned the issue on the gel case that the phone's in - it seems to be interfering with the pressing. If I pop the phone out of the case it works fine, back in it is playing up again. Doesn't always happen, maybe temperature or something.
    07-29-17 02:47 PM

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