12-12-17 02:26 AM
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  1. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Chuck, I see some of your point but at the moment on my part I am just trying to find out what options exist for people who are less likely to have their information spread out to such an extent, so I figure that the fewer ways you allow access the less it becomes spread to the point of surrender. Mostly I'm griping in this particular situation because of the way that BlackBerry is combining the ads promising security with the actuality of being possibly better protected from something less of a concern (things attacking the OS itself) vs the hypocrisy of having no better security than anyone who isn't paying more money for devices with less capabilities or features compared to other android phones. When they started avoiding any responsibility to us when the devices either turned out to be ridiculously fragile (the dtek50) but especially in the case of the Priv & his DTEK60 it seems that they don't care if the software is at fault, we just got the fun of spending much cash for nothing. Both wife & kid blame me for suggesting that they give BlackBerry another chance at their expense. I just want to try to salvage the devices if possible so that we don't shell out over $1500 to buy them both new phones right now since the budget's tight this time of year.

    Just my $.02, YMMV ! ;-) sent via my Q10
    Hey Scuba, did you ever contact TCL/BBMo directly?
    12-07-17 09:52 AM
  2. tonycanuck's Avatar
    We bought the 1st DTEK because he didn't care about having a pkb with the Priv. Bought the DTEK 60 to replace the barely used 50 when BlackBerry refused to give even partial replacement cost & at that point he still Thought BlackBerry would provide better security & privacy than the other brands of android phones. He hadn't yet discovered that BlackBerry was going to screw him on warranty by the way he was told that they didn't care if we purchased from shop BlackBerry, any issues are the fault of the manufacturer!

    Just my $.02, YMMV ! ;-) sent via my Q10
    I had similar bad experience here I Canada. DTEK60 fails in ten months, and neither BBMo nor Alcatel take responsibility, even if under warranty.
    12-07-17 11:12 AM
  3. Muhammad Ali Ejaz's Avatar
    my blackberry dtek 60 model # bba100-2
    blackberry logo is still plz help me any one
    12-09-17 07:33 AM
  4. scubafan's Avatar
    He tried calling BlackBerry 1st since it seemed pretty obvious that it wasn't a hardware issue. After that he tried to contact TCL who basically ignored him.

    Just my $.02, YMMV ! ;-) sent via my Q10
    12-12-17 02:26 AM
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