1. whatsever's Avatar
    I just get a BBM messages saying BlackBerry has a May Sale with the best prices ever for the DTEK, with a lot of smiles and next message saying "NOT".

    So i got curious and I know that the DTEK50 in Holland is around € 250,00 online in a few online stores and the DTEK 60 is around € 490,00 now and what do you think BlackBerry MAY Sales said.

    BlackBerry  MAY sales for the DTEK 60-what-bbshop.png

    Big shock but better prices should be 229 and 449 then you have a sale or throw in a flipcase and quickcharger

    BlackBerry  MAY sales for the DTEK 60-big-shock-fans-1024x538.jpg
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    05-07-17 04:05 PM
  2. cgk's Avatar
    Makes sense - they likely want to sell off existing stock and close down the store as planned.
    05-07-17 04:24 PM
  3. whatsever's Avatar
    LOL the prices are higher then online stores in the Netherlands. I think they will keep stock and best part dutch retailers give 2 years warranty and BlackBerry store only 1 year warranty .

    When my friends send me the message's I expected a great deal , like they did with the priv in the UK, but it's like de-marketing
    05-07-17 04:34 PM
  4. cgk's Avatar
    The discount price in the UK works out to be the same as yours in euros. I guess they think there are some suckers who will pay them?
    05-07-17 04:43 PM
  5. whatsever's Avatar
    Still thinking to buy the dtek50 or aurora for the daughter so I wait for a summer deal.

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    05-07-17 05:18 PM
  6. Macdtek's Avatar
    Makes sense - they likely want to sell off existing stock and close down the store as planned.
    Forgive my ignorance, but if the BB on line shop goes, how will we buy BB phone's and accessories?
    05-08-17 03:46 AM
  7. cgk's Avatar
    Well depending on where you are in the world - from whatever company has the license where you live. If it's in the west that would be Blackberry Mobile (TCL).

    Remember Blackberry the company has exited hardware - all you are seeing now is them running down stock of the last few devices they made and sold themselves.
    05-08-17 04:22 AM

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