1. LynxEffect's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    I currently own a Passport SE, and have enjoyed using it. However the lack of apps is starting to annoy me to the point where I want to use an Android device (inb4 someone says get the Key2).
    I'm set on trading in my Passport and a cheap old 2-in-1 laptop, and using that money to get a grade A Dtek60.
    I will be opening it up, removing the back pannel then taking the paint off of it. Might also put a carbon fiber skin from dbrand on the battery.
    Do you think this would be a good project? (inb4 it has Android 6)
    I don't really mid the slightly old OS. I just want a secure phone with some mint looks.
    11-09-18 05:46 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    I've never heard of anyone doing a clear back mod to any BB, let alone the DTEK60. That said, according to the FCC docs, there's quite a bit of stuff stuck to the back panel, so to get to the paint would require removing the NFC circuitry, fingerprint scanner, camera lens, and some spacer foam. It's uncharted territory if you wish to proceed. As well, spares are rare, especially for the stuff that isn't 100% the same as the Idol 4S that the DTEK60 actually is underneath (i.e. the camera lens area).

    If you manage to score a replacement battery (which is the same as the Idol 4S one), though, then opening up the phone would be good practice for when the battery finally gives up, which happens sooner rather than later on the DTEK60.
    11-09-18 09:47 AM

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