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    [INFO]Don't get burned by Factory Reset Protection, read this before installing!!!

    Using Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on the BlackBerry device powered by Android[/INFO]

    Don't install an older OS on top of a newer one, you have a very high chance of bricking your phone. If you need an autoloader newer than what's here, you'd have to contact BlackBerry support.

    BB Knowledge Base article: How to reload the BlackBerry powered by Android OS on the smartphone

    BlackBerry have released autoloaders for the DTEK60; factory images, plus a fastboot executable and the necessary .bat/.sh files to load the images. If your device gets bricked, or if your update schedule is thrown off, or whatever.

    Instructions are in the Knowledge Base article above, if you need them. Be warned, it will wipe your stuff.

    Available autoloaders on BlackBerry's site:

    AAL158 (May 2017 update)

    BB's list

    Mirrors and old autoloaders: http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...rchive-943672/ (the DTEK60 folder)
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    10-26-16 03:36 PM
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    Thanks thurask you are an irreplaceable member of this community
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    10-26-16 03:54 PM
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    And the first one is up: AAH148.

    Now this can be stickied.
    11-01-16 03:33 PM
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    Note that if you remove the Google account from the phone before you reset it the protection is disabled. I have tested this on my Priv and it never prompted me for my old account info.
    11-02-16 02:06 PM
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    11-15-16 05:18 PM
  6. thurask's Avatar
    12-25-16 03:14 PM
  7. thurask's Avatar
    01-28-17 04:44 PM
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    Thank you for the info.
    01-29-17 09:28 AM
  9. thurask's Avatar
    02-13-17 05:40 PM
  10. thurask's Avatar
    03-23-17 10:45 PM
  11. Likeberry's Avatar
    When is the next autoloader expected with security on May?
    05-08-17 05:31 AM
  12. Uzi's Avatar
    When is the next autoloader expected with security on May?
    Not available yet
    05-08-17 06:27 AM
  13. thurask's Avatar
    When is the next autoloader expected with security on May?
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    05-08-17 05:40 PM
  14. thurask's Avatar
    05-19-17 09:11 AM
  15. moonflyer's Avatar
    Can anyone please point me to the _initial_ DTEK60 autoloader (AAG607)?
    09-08-17 07:13 AM
  16. fireater1968's Avatar
    my build number is AA0562. how do i know which autoloader to get ?
    11-17-17 04:37 PM
  17. conite's Avatar
    Can anyone please point me to the _initial_ DTEK60 autoloader (AAG607)?
    They are useless now. You can only go back 1 build or so.
    11-17-17 04:55 PM

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