1. San1001's Avatar
    After last system upgrade 5 days ago (July 12 2018) , battery is loosing its 100% charge for only 3-4 hours. Just before this upgrade, battery was good for 16 hours approximately.
    I tried Reset Factory twice but this doesn't help.
    is there any method to fix this or I need new smartphone?
    07-18-18 05:11 AM
  2. dhopman's Avatar
    It's not likely that the update is causing your battery problems software wise. The DTEK60 has been shipped with very poor quality batteries. As such I think you just passed a tipping point as the updating process requires a lot energy and generates heat as well. You've been lucky your battery lasted for this long, most of us replaced it already al long time ago. Soon you'll experience your phone will turn off of as soon as you disconnect your charger, like mine does...
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    07-18-18 08:53 AM
  3. San1001's Avatar
    Can someone suggest - is there any method to get some help from Bklackberry specialist? Or there is absolutely no any support and warranty on that smartphone?
    07-20-18 09:10 AM
  4. horked's Avatar
    Best bet is to replace the battery. I got mine back to lasting to between 35 and 55% after about 16 hours.

    Needed to replace my antenna that was never really connected properly but got a new one for $7.00 by ordering one from the Alcatel Idol...
    07-20-18 06:18 PM
  5. Jake2826's Avatar
    Best bet is to replace the battery. I got mine back to lasting to between 35 and 55% after about 16 hours.

    Needed to replace my antenna that was never really connected properly but got a new one for $7.00 by ordering one from the Alcatel Idol...
    How did you figure out that your antenna cable wasn't connected properly? It seems to me that theCLEANSER was right when he posted here that he had found that the root cause of the battery drain on DTEK60's was a manufacturing defect or similar issue where the antenna cables weren't fully seated or simply wouldn't stay connected properly. See his thread.


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    07-21-18 02:06 AM
  6. San1001's Avatar
    There are 2 things which make me thinking that this is not battery issue:
    - smartphone is always warm, like processor is doing something very actively
    - the issue began only several days ago, after last system upgrade. Before that, it was Ok (~12 hours of active usage in contrast to ~3 hours now).
    I think this is system software issue and solution should to install another system patch. Interesting if someone also faces the same problem.
    07-22-18 04:11 PM
  7. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    following this thread as I am still on May update!!
    07-23-18 08:43 AM
  8. Alphabase's Avatar
    Something is going on. I did the update last week and went camping over the weekend. My phone is draining crazy fast and gets hot quickly. Nothing else has changed. Makes me want a oneplus now.
    07-23-18 10:31 AM
  9. sowhoong's Avatar
    happened to my unit too.

    after the update in july, all a sudden battery drain faster and a little hotter than usual.
    07-27-18 01:51 AM
  10. San1001's Avatar
    Just an update - I didn't get any help from Blackberry (they refused to support me as they don't sell in Ukraine, my calls to USA call center didn't help). Replace of battery didn't help. Average consuming amperage is more than 1000mA and now this is even hard to charge it for 100%. I had to stop investigatation and just throw away this phone - it can't be used anymore. Ugly experience, never again Blackberry.
    Attached Thumbnails Blackberry DTEK 60: Huge battery drain after last system upgrade-screenshot_20180729-133848.jpg  
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    07-29-18 06:32 AM
  11. quikchip's Avatar
    I was having the same issue, then about a week ago a notification popped up that dtek had finished scanning my device. Now my battery lasts a lot longer. I have also replaced the battery in my dtek60 a few months ago.
    07-29-18 11:37 PM
  12. chain13's Avatar
    It’s about time to change a phone actually.
    08-18-18 06:37 AM
  13. Theo Groenevelt's Avatar
    interesting...Quickchip, how did you access that page showing "ampere" on your phone.??
    I looked in settings in a few spots...no Joy.

    Anyway, to the topic, I too have noticed a significant drop in battery capability...for a while there, I was charging every 3 hrs...CRAZY. Then started to see if I had some kind of abnormal drain. This morning after sitting overnight on the charger...booted only to get a fully Black Screen with the exception of the top line showing WiFi, charge level, time etc....WTF.?? No amount of input did anything...then after about 10 minutes, up came the log on screen for my pers PIN and bam it booted up. WEIRD. I continued to look at app power drain and made some changes...both events seem to have made a differnce. We shall see how it goes over the next cpl weeks. Was looking at the Motion...but it looks to me like a regressive phone with the exception of a monster 4k ma battery....I still prefer this model - better key placement among other things....And damnit, I simply think a quality phone should be able to last one at least 3-4 years if not more - tehcnological Advances nowithstanding.
    08-18-18 07:00 PM

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