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    Has anyone noticed how inconsistent the BB Calendar is in terms of grabbing birthdays from BB Contacts and showing birthdays and anniversaries? For me, within my exchange account calendar I have some birthdays and anniversaries, but not others.....Am i doing something wrong?

    Edit: I should add that all the birthdays and anniversaries propagate correctly into my desktop Outlook and into my online Office365 account calendar. Just not to either of my Blackberry devices (DTEK60 and Priv) running BB Calendar.

    Is Cody (c_bryant34) still around?! Ha ha.

    Edit2: I tried Google Calendar - it shows and doesn't show the same Bdays as the BB Calendar / I tried aCalendar - it showed all Bdays correctly.

    Note - I posted this in the Hub+ Services subforum also, but i added it here since i am a DTEK60 user and this subforum seems to be much more active.
    11-18-16 10:50 AM

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