1. bestera's Avatar
    So, over the part 2-3months, I have getting this message, randomly.

    Whether I used the camera or flashlight or not.

    Often days after the last time I used either.

    And just before the message, the battery percentage will drop 20%, often resulting in a shutdown.

    Anyone else experienced it before?
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    09-16-18 08:04 AM
  2. Dragnet Sound's Avatar
    Me too it's Crazy🔋20%-0% in seconds then shut down. Never had issues with my real BlackBerrys Batteries. Now I carry my PRIV or PASSPORT for backup📱📲⌨😉
    Today I used my Dtek60 for a 1 1/2 hours was at 100% when Started then at 58%.
    Should call the Dtek series Disposable Series. 🙁
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    09-16-18 08:02 PM

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