03-25-18 01:48 PM
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    You'll have to ask Blackberry Mobile.
    Hi conite. I have just contacted blackberry mobile by phone and passed my information including imei number, build number etc. I now await an answer via email or phone as he didn't answer me directly if Vodafone have been sent updates or not.

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    03-19-18 02:12 PM
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    Still waiting!

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    03-20-18 02:23 PM
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    My Dtek50 has not had a security patch update provided by my service provider since 6 November. Is anyone out there using a phone with updates not as recent as that? Don't get me wrong, I'm not unduly concerned, I don't use my phone to discuss State secrets. My conversations are more about what's for dinner and which pub to meet in but this lack of updates is a tad disappointing.
    Lol had to call AT&T today so they could manually push the Nov 2017 to me. Been running on Oct 2017 which was on the phone when purchased. I have never received an update before today and I had to call to do it.
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    03-25-18 01:48 PM
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