1. den00262's Avatar
    I've hd my Priv for approx 8 months and for the last month I have had advertisements pop up when launching apps - does not seem to be any one app - In particular - these are apps I've had on the phone for a long time so I think it's not being generated by the app itself. I have tried many times to try and change app permissions - removed apps etc but still they come - has something changed with the priv or am I missing a setting in settings menu. Thanks in advance. Dennis
    04-20-17 07:57 PM
  2. johnb_xp's Avatar
    Have you downloaded app APKs from outside the play store?
    04-20-17 09:37 PM
  3. elfabio80's Avatar
    I am using sometimes an Android Nova from Huawei....it seems that advertisement are the core of Android. I never installed apks from other sources than Play Store.

    Posted via CB10
    04-21-17 09:29 AM
  4. Ethynil's Avatar
    Most free apps contain ads, and the degree of intrusion or frequency of intrusion can usually be determined by reading and judiciously interpreting the reviews, bearing in mind that some developers will post self serving reviews.

    If you find an app that suits your needs and a paid upgrade is available, then it's worth paying for the upgrade to eliminate the ads.

    The incentive for developers to produce apps, for the most part, is to make money....which they make either through advertising within the app or by being paid for an upgrade by the user.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch. On the internet if you are using a product that is free, then it is more than likely that you are the product.
    04-21-17 09:40 AM
  5. DiegoV_G's Avatar
    It's definitely an app. Exactly the same happened to me some weeks ago. I would get advertising windows in the most unpredictable moments, even when all the apps were closed. It's not the typical advertising that shows up when you're using an app. Anyway, I deleted some suspicious apps and I got rid of the advertising. I think it was the Kayak app or Video Player for Android
    04-21-17 11:36 AM

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