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    Hi i'm new here so sorry if its been asked before. I used to have a Z10 was so easy to transfer music from my pc to the phone,but have now gone for the android DTEK50. Trouble i have is when i connect it to my pc it doesn't recognise it. I've heard windows10 & android phones can be a problem. Any help gratefully received please.
    04-17-17 02:53 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    When you connect your phone with a USB cable... do you get a notification that says charging, tap for more options?
    04-17-17 07:05 AM
  3. Ethynil's Avatar
    I've heard windows10 & android phones can be a problem
    That has not been my experience. Although I have never tried USB transfer, I have always been successful in transferring files between any Android device and Win 10, or any other version using wireless file transfer (network).

    The app I have been using for years is WiFi File Transfer with excellent support and it just works!

    Note that with this app, the free version cannot upload files larger than 5 MB. Everything else works 100%. To upload larger files, as would be the case with a lot of music files, it's worth paying the developer $1.40 for the upgrade.

    The interface looks familiar, much like Windows File Manager (Explorer).

    Depending on where you are transferring from and what your plan is for an Android music player, you may have additional options.

    If you have been using iTunes on your PC, you would want one of the apps that rebuilds and saves your iTunes meta data, such as playlist, artist, album etc info.

    Many Android music players will recognize this information, so your iTunes format and data can remain intact on your Android device.

    If you elaborate a little more on the issues you've had, and what you're wanting to do, it can help point you in the right direction.
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    04-17-17 09:27 AM
  4. Kevsplitty's Avatar
    When you connect your phone with a USB cable... do you get a notification that says charging, tap for more options?
    Thanks mate,sorted the sync,much appreciated
    04-17-17 10:41 AM
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    Hope it's okay to hijack this thread. New user here, please forgive me if my question is inappropriate in any way. I recently got my first smartphone, a BlackBerry KEYone. Love the phone. Purchased a fairly inexpensive Karenon 256GB Micro SD SDXC Memory Card High Speed Class 10 from Amazon for the expanded storage slot. When I installed the card and formatted it with the phone, the phone put one folder labeled "Android" on it. I powered the phone off and removed the card and inserted it into the SD card slot on my Windows 10 laptop PC. File Explorer recognized that folder. So I created a "Music" folder on the card and attempted to "drag and drop" mp3 & flac music files over to the Music folder on the card. I attempted to transfer several of my music albums over and File Explorer seemed to be accomplishing the task. I then removed the card from the laptop, reinserted it in the phone and powered up the phone. On the phone I went to settings/storage/SD card and found the folder, Music. Opening that folder I found ONLY ONE of the several albums I had transferred. I reformatted the card and tried again with the same result. Why can I transfer only one album?

    On another idea, can I use the Windows utility, SD Formatter, to format the card?
    08-26-18 07:01 PM
  6. Zartoff's Avatar
    It was the cheap SD card I was using. I got a hint when the phone said I needed a Class 10 in order to format as Internal storage. Well it claimed to be a Class 10. I replaced it with a quality Samsung 256Gb that cost almost 3 times as much and success. I was able to transfer several albums over without a hitch and able to play them on the phone. HooRay!
    08-28-18 12:20 AM

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