1. Simonlang's Avatar
    I have only taken a few photos on my DTEK50, and already I have used up 70% of my memory. Can somebody please tell me how to transfer my photos on to my SD card which is empty!
    09-18-16 06:15 AM
  2. YeemanBB's Avatar
    Open the Camera app. Hit the 3 dots on the top right corner. Select settings. Go to the bottom and turn on SD card.

    You can transfer the pictures you have taken to the SD using any file manager in the Playstore. Pictures are stored under SDCard/DCIM/Camera
    09-18-16 07:16 AM
  3. Simonlang's Avatar
    Thank you...I have tried this but I am unable to switch on the media card. The switch remains faded despite tapping it forcefully!
    09-18-16 09:48 AM
  4. YeemanBB's Avatar
    Ensure your SD card is working. Go to Settings > Storage & USB, check if SD card appears and is mounted. You have to format the SD card if the phone doesn't recognize it.
    09-18-16 10:25 AM
  5. doubleup4life's Avatar
    Format it in a another blackberry phone

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    09-18-16 11:53 AM
  6. sethr's Avatar
    May just have to click Mount SD card, but that is rare.
    09-18-16 02:00 PM

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