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  1. Ethynil's Avatar
    As I explore my new DTEK50, I was surprised to see unexpected and what I think is unusual behaviour.

    The radio app allows the sound to be toggled between the ear buds (needed to be connected because the earbuds are the antenna) and the device's speaker(s); however, if bluetooth is enabled to connect with a previously paired external speaker, the sound is not sent to the speaker, nor can it be heard in the earbuds. There is a toggle for earbuds / speaker in the app, but the sound is effectively turned off.

    When the bluetooth connection is disabled, sound can be heard from either the earbuds or the device's speaker(s).

    Cannot send radio sound to bluetooth with the native radio app.

    Bluetooth works satisfactorily when using my music player, so I know the bluetooth functionality is OK.

    Suggestions, comments?
    09-11-16 01:38 PM
  2. michaelofarrell's Avatar
    I can't even find the app. Do you know how I can find it?
    09-12-16 02:44 PM
  3. Ethynil's Avatar
    I can't even find the app. Do you know how I can find it?
    The way to access & launch all Android apps on a device is to look in the App's the white circle with two rows of three horizontal dots (lloks like a button) default location just above the home screen, then scroll down to the apps under letter R (Radio)

    Radio App and Bluetooth Speaker-bb-home.jpg

    09-12-16 06:32 PM
  4. PRGDR's Avatar
    I can't even find the app. Do you know how I can find it?
    App drawer?
    09-13-16 11:36 PM
  5. niumxp's Avatar
    Yep app drawer ! coming from bb10 I didn't know how cool it can be to have all apps in 1 place an I love the alphabetical organization. No need icon on main screen and fast to find the apps by name !
    Radio app is there !

    From Q10 to Dtek50...a new world ...
    Attached Thumbnails Radio App and Bluetooth Speaker-screenshot_20160914-010537.jpg  
    Ethynil and CerveloJohn like this.
    09-14-16 01:05 AM

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