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    Do BlackBerry Android users on the EE network get regular updates. Let me explain, as you may have seen on other threads, UK Vodafone users have not had any update since November last year. If this issue is purely Vodafone related, then it may be worth sticking with BlackBerry but switching network. If it is the same on EE or even O2, it would suggest that we will not see BlackBerry phones working to their full potential in the UK.
    03-31-18 06:51 AM
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    on EE here and on Feb update but I understand March is enroute
    03-31-18 07:49 AM
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    I'm glad you have asked this question. As I have mentioned in the other update thread that I am also with Vodafone uk and have not received any monthly updates from November 2017. If other carriers are keeping up with the updates then this will obviously be a decision maker for me on my next contract which is due in October to move to another network. I have been with Vodafone uk for many years and prefer the coverage over o2 and EE as friends and family also appear to have no signal issues often.
    I have contacted Vodafone twice now, the first time I was told that they haven't received any updates from blackberry since November 2017 and the second time they told me to contact blackberry as it's a blackberry phone they couldn't understand it was a android phone and told me that I needed blackberry services to receive emails and bbm! I felt I was going round in circles and to make it worse it was somewhat difficult to make the persons accent out. When I told them it was receiving updates from October 2016 via Vodafone they just didn't reply. So if things don't improve on this then I will definitely think about moving to o2 if I like the next pkb phone that's released.

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    03-31-18 08:17 AM
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    Thanks for the update, that is very useful. Certainly makes EE more attractive to BlackBerry fans
    03-31-18 03:07 PM

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