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    Hey all

    I dont use or have a pouch for my dtek50, I have a holster, and I would love to be able to get the same notifications as shown on the pic I have attached on my lock screen or home page before i log into the phone.. is this possible?
    Attached Thumbnails Pouch Notifcation with on lock screen - I dont use a pouch-pouch.jpg  
    03-11-17 07:55 PM
  2. Wezard's Avatar
    You would have to figure out where the magnetic sensor is located and glue a magnet to your holster. Take a small round solid, (not one of the flexible types) refrigerator type magnet, slide it around on the device till you see the screen trigger. there will be 2 sensors, one will trigger 'screen off', the other will trigger 'window screen'. Trigger both of them several times until you are certain you know exactly where they are, measure. Make sure the magnet is strong enough to trigger through the holster, then glue it on.
    Problem is, as soon as you remove it from holster, the screen will go full on, (or maybe off, but I'm pretty sure it's on, by the time you find the sensors, you'll know). So to see the display, you will be looking down at your belt from a weird angle, and upside down, unless you holster your phone upside down.
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    03-12-17 08:14 AM
  3. sales 101's Avatar
    Download "always on amoled" from play store. Always on screen notification.
    03-12-17 06:28 PM
  4. Rrrr7's Avatar
    I have and love my pouch, have it on my Q10 also.

    I'll take a look tomorrow and see where the magnet is.

    I highly recommend it though.
    03-12-17 06:58 PM
  5. Wezard's Avatar
    Download "always on amoled" from play store. Always on screen notification.
    Looks like a good solution, if it works.
    I assume you are/have used it and are vouching for it?
    03-13-17 09:28 AM
  6. sales 101's Avatar
    Looks like a good solution, if it works.
    I assume you are/have used it and are vouching for it?
    Vouching? No. But it's free to download an flagged as a beta. It works. I have it displaying txt, email, BBM, fb. It started that when you touch a notification it opened into that email and when you delete or go back you are in the hub. It stopped doing that as now it just closes the app to show you home screen. Need to email developer as it is always being updated with a changes. I'm happy enough so far I paid for pro version to help encourage the developer.
    03-13-17 06:32 PM
  7. Wezard's Avatar
    Vouching? No.
    Sounds to me like you are vouching for it
    Maybe vouch was a poor choice of word, but you told us what I think we wanted to hear.
    Personally, I use a case / holster combo, and don't need anything like it. But sounds like a much better option for OP than gluing a magnet on.
    03-13-17 09:39 PM
  8. dimmi10's Avatar
    Try "next lock screen"
    03-14-17 05:09 PM

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