1. andremb84's Avatar
    I recently reset my Blackberry Dtek50 , when I power up the device and go through the initial phone setup I get to the part saying to sign in with the previously synced account. When I enter my credentials it says "unable to sign in device due to a recent password change. try again in 24 hours". I can log into my account on gmail.com. I changed the password 72 hours ago when I first had this issue thinking it would help but obviously didn't.

    I have looked online for a solution and haven't found anything apart from sending the phone back to be replaced. Anyone know what I can do to resolve this ?
    10-30-17 10:46 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Go into the boot menu, clear cache and then do a Factory Reset again...

    It happens pretty often (when people do both at the same time), but usually after 24hrs it will work... a few had success after waiting another day.
    10-30-17 12:19 PM

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