1. AWB70's Avatar
    Anyone know how to get rid of the window notification for notable but keep the screen shot button in the notification?

    I find it handy being able to screen grab right from the notification area and open it straight into notable but when my Dtek50 with genuine BlackBerry case is closed There's a notification in the window. When I switch it off in settings I can no longer open from notification bar.
    02-22-17 05:59 PM
  2. dpw09's Avatar
    I added notable as the convenience key. Then turned off the window notification. Then just use convenience key to screenshot.
    02-22-17 09:41 PM
  3. AWB70's Avatar
    Yeah I suppose I could do that. I have my convenience key set as hub but I seen to use it less and less these days.
    Hopefully they will fix the icon on the lock screen in an update. I can't really see a point of it being there. It's not like you receive notable messages, they get sent though whichever medium you choose.
    02-23-17 03:02 PM

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