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    I like this design but I further like having a firm handle on the phone - so I cut out the two sides to the case for direct access to the phone on the sides and creating extra bumps on top and bottom. This isn't perfect as the bumps are a bit larger than I would like but it is closest to the old Z10 cases I can come to on these Androids. (the Z10 and Z30 cases with exposed sides were the best).

    I used an exacto knife and it wasn't too hard of an operation.

    So far had the phone over half year and I'm overall -surprisingly- satisfied with, just a few complaints: I had already returned the Dtek60 before because it was just too big in size.

    1. the power button I liked on the top; I take accidental screenshots every day with this set up, I don't like the double tap.

    2. the utility button only works if the phone is woken up, but I use it for the flash light and it makes it not as functional having to wake it up to use it. Ideally they should just made this any fucntion awake or not.

    3. the charging button on the bottom following Apple's design, has caused damage to several cables (the part that goes in), as I place this in my car in console area and that makes it press up against it and not functional. On the side before it was perfect. I never jog or walk around with headphones on (i guess the design was for that in mind). I tried using a magnet setup for phone in car on the dash and they all interfered with the phone or didn't work. Apple still has the stupid giant button on the bottom and the stupid charging design along with their stupid cables and I don't why people like this or tolerate it. I tried an iPhone and it sucked. SMH

    Modified the ALCATEL OneTouch Idol 4 Case for the Dtek50-n96oddr.jpg

    Modified the ALCATEL OneTouch Idol 4 Case for the Dtek50-sfyleas.jpg
    08-07-17 04:12 PM
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    Update. The next day after I wrote this very positive review of the Dtek50 the screen got a crack across the middle! anything above this line the touchscreen stopped working and made the phone unusable. I went to local store and got a new Idol 4 (after looking over several phones). I got it for $125 total with new VR glasses from alcatel and screen. With no new BB all touch phones for US market on the table - I feel comfortable with this phone and that was a very good deal.

    I got the same modified case on it.
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