View Poll Results: Should the DTEK50 have an RGB notification LED?

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    31 23.66%
05-28-18 12:07 PM
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  1. joeldf's Avatar
    What do I think? I think this is yet another example why android is a joke. Garbage. Blackberry OS's death is the death of how a functional communication device should work.
    Tried the PRIV for a year, now DTEK. Android ruins them both.
    I'm going to get my z30 out from storage until this contract is up, then switching to Apple.
    Enjoy your new iPhone - which has no notification LED at all (which this thread was about but your answer kind of drifted way off from).

    Besides, hasn't the more recent Android BlackBerry phones brought the RGB LED back since this thread started a few years ago?
    05-28-18 12:12 AM
  2. JayIsNewHere's Avatar
    Not about to start another thread or remain narrow in my reply. This is a conversation.
    At any rate yes I will have fun with my overpriced Apple again, like I did with the 3G when they were released. Apple devices at least have some quality standards regarding their apps making them far better in the reliability and functionality departments than any Android device I've ever had - and this is my 5th try.
    Enjoy your Samsung that you'll end up with if you haven't already, and hopefully when someone calls you, the operating system won't stare back at you and say, "No. No I'm not going to let you grab this call, even if it is your sales manager."
    Personally, the white LED is my last straw.
    You don't need to agree.
    05-28-18 06:16 AM
  3. joeldf's Avatar
    I've already been on an S8 for the past 8 months, and apart from the curved screen edges (which I've come to really dislike), it's been just fine. I don't know what issue you speak of. I've had no problems with it. My Z10 just didn't meet my needs anymore, but I keep it for my 9 year old to use as a wi-fi only mini-tablet.

    I'm just holding out for the next Motion update that I hope they come out with next year.

    In the meantime, I've got the BlackBerry Hub, calendar and contacts apps, and the BlackBerry keyboard loaded up on the S8 and using regularly.

    But, I agree, it's about preference. Android is easy for me to work with and I like how customisable it is - closer to the old BBOS than BB10 ever was. My wife has had iPhones since the 3G and I've had that to deal with all this time and just can't stand how it works. I keep wanting to do things with it that I won't let me do. It's added more over the years up to her current iPhone 7, but it's still too limiting.

    Back to BlackBerry, the DTEKs that started this thread were oddball devices being from the TCL kit-of-existing-parts catalog between the BlackBerry made device (Priv) and BlackBerry Mobile made devices (Keyone/Motion). Looking back now, it's easy to understand them as transitory devices.
    05-28-18 12:07 PM
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