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    Hi guys and ladies

    I am new in Blackberry world and have just recently bought two phones DTEK 50 and Q10. I wanted to contact Blackberry about VPN security on my phones, and how to make some secure chanel with that two phones but they say:

    "The IMEI you have entered does not appear in our records. This may be the result of one of the following reasons:

    The IMEI entered is not for a BlackBerry device.
    Please contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer or your Point of Purchase for support
    The IMEI entered is for a BlackBerry branded, partner device
    For BlackBerry Aurora, please click here for support information
    For BlackBerry KEYone, please click here for support information"

    What does it mean, I have a copy of Blackberry or what? I bought phones in Germany and Croatia but dont think they are fake. What are your opinions?

    Also wanted to ask someone what would be the best way to setup secure channel between this two phones DTEK50 and Q10

    I have seen blackberry DTEK 50 which runs Blackberry UEM client but it is on server of that guy company. As I dont have company neither a server is it still possible to use UEM client.

    My concern is I want my phone to be secure of other psying ,want to protect my photos and ofcourse e-mail, web browsing.... What is the easyiest way to have that.

    If anybody wants to help, It would mean a lot to me cause here where I am it is hard to get Blackberry phone and customer service impossible

    Thank you for your time and kind regards from Croatia
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