1. jay2d2's Avatar
    Hey All,

    Im not even sure how to google this.

    This issue occurs on Android devices (DTEK50/60, my Nexus, and other devices)
    I dont believe this is happening on Blackerry devices (Priv, Classic etc)

    from what i could tell its .jpg

    I have the settings turned on that says, Download images automatically.
    When i get an email from, lets say CrackBerry, i can see the images no problem.
    This is true with most emails i receive... EXCEPT for within my organization sends out an email template..

    The images comes in as a blank white box. Here's the weird part, if i 'reply' to the email,
    i can see the image..
    Thats my work around lol. just hit reply, i can see the image.

    i will try and get more info on how this template is being created, maybe that will help.
    But i have found a thread on the internet( cant seem to find it anymore) with the same issue.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    03-05-17 04:23 PM
  2. john_v's Avatar
    This definitely is interesting. Looking forward to hearing what you find on the template. I send out a weekly email through Constant Contact and that doesn't seem to have any issues with the different images I include.
    03-06-17 10:08 PM

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