1. HughJarsse's Avatar
    Suddenly over weekend, Dtek50 has stopped notifying me of calls & texts.
    Was set up to play appropriate notification sound, vibrate, and pulse the led.
    Now, nothing..The only way to see if you have new calls/mail etc is to take phone out of case and check hub manually..which is a total PITA, and defeats the object of having a phone.
    Nothing has changed as far as I am aware since Friday night, (when last worked OK) up to now. Have checked phone not on silent/do not disturb, and have done a reboot (not factory reset) yet problem still exists.
    Really strange, just wondered if anyone else has same probs, and could there have been some upgrade downloaded that's caused problem??
    09-25-17 10:15 AM
  2. HughJarsse's Avatar
    Basically, as it is at the moment, this phone is useless, as will not notify of ANYTHING incoming!!
    Missed calls, & texts, as only realise they are there when I open phone, as no vibrate, notification sounds, nothing!!
    Can't stand all day looking at the screen waiting.
    Obviously something has gone wrong with the phone, as a reboot makes no difference.
    Loathe to do a factory reset unless know it will solve problem
    Thinking about it, seem to remember phone doing large number of updates between Sat PM and Sun AM, as when got up there were several 'updates' installed, seem to remember one was BB Hub??
    Possibly something corrupted??
    Need it sorted, or phone will have to go, as can't use it like this!!
    09-25-17 03:26 PM
  3. HughJarsse's Avatar
    So, no solution or help, BB not really interested, I have had to resort to my trusty Z10, and a sim adapter to get a useable phone.
    Total factory reset is last resort I suppose, but reluctant to try, in case that's not the problem...PITA to do a whole wipe-reload cycle...
    09-29-17 03:50 PM

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