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    Hello Blackberry Android Users,

    Well, despite my love for BB10 OS, and my Passport, I've decided that the DTEK50 was cheap enough for me to test the waters for the future without BB10. So, I got my DTEK50 last Thursday and took a little time to set it up in a way that is passable, and was fairly pleased with it overall. Better than I expected.

    While the experience is different (worse for me) than BB10, I think the core functionality of the Hub is there, which is my main issue.

    However, the main reason that BB10 is being left behind is the Ecosystem...and personally, I'm SEEKING Android Apps that might enhance my experience with BB/Android.

    I've asked a similar question of folks when the PRIV was coming out, but I'll ask again. I'd be happy to hear anyone's list (or single) favorite apps. Don't worry whether they are not general, or may not apply to me. I'm just looking for any App that people really like and find useful.
    Simply stated--I have to consider the fact whether the Lack of Apps on BB10 has just gotten me into a mindset where I don't need them, or THINK I don't.

    If I'm buying into the Premise that Ecosystem issues are enough to require BB10 to be cast aside, then there MUST be something I'm just missing. In any case--I appreciate any suggestions, which may help me enhance my experience with the DTEK50 (or other Blackberry Android Phones).

    I should note: There is an old HP Calculator Emulator I used on older Android Phones--that was useful, and I'll look that up. Besides that...nothing for me really yet.

    08-15-16 08:23 AM
  2. sethr's Avatar
    Not only the abandoned feelings you get from BlackBerry, their taking back Blend, the truly best ever driving app, yada yada.
    Basically my transition to Android now.
    Then I I'll go to the Samsung, Asus quality world as they beef up their security platforms.

    I REFUSE to become an iSheep!!
    08-15-16 08:38 AM
  3. KAM1138's Avatar

    sethr: I thought dropping Blend was a bad idea--and something they could have used on the Android Platform to help promote the "Software" side of things.

    Right now, I think the DTEK50 is the easiest way for me to try things out, while keeping the Blackberry Suite of software I value. I'm guessing it might not be as smooth (and more costly long term) on other devices. However, that is probably where they're heading.

    Honestly, I wish they could succeed with that Hub+ initiative--get everyone thinking "Wow, how did I ever work without this."

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    08-15-16 08:44 AM
  4. Arabianhorse's Avatar
    Browser: Yandex Browser beta
    Messenger: Yaata
    File Manager: Solid Explorer
    Lock Screen: Next
    Music: Black Player

    All of these make me feel like I'm on BB10, sorta. I have come to an agreement within myself to embrace change... actually it's been fun.

    STV 100-1 AAF960
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    08-15-16 09:27 AM
  5. KAM1138's Avatar
    Hello Arabianhorse,

    Well, I really enjoy trying out new tech stuff, so I do enjoy this a bit.

    I'll check those out. Thanks.

    08-15-16 09:39 AM

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