1. anon(9733642)'s Avatar
    Finally decided on the DTEK50. Should be here Friday. I have the following:

    2 GMAIL Accounts
    2 YAHOO Accounts

    I prefer to use the HUB as I did on BlackBerry 10 with all emails going to the HUB and no need for a Yahoo or GMAIL separate App.

    So put me at ease or help me out. Will GMAIL app automatically be setup as soon as I use my google account. Is there away to disable the app or delete it so you are only using HUB?

    Sorry I searched the forums and there a ton of email and HUB threads but don't know where to start. Also does YAHOO play nice with HUB?

    10-05-16 11:18 AM
  2. timmy95's Avatar
    If I remember correctly, the hub has to be set up separately but yes you can disable the gmail app.
    10-05-16 11:41 AM
  3. anon(9733642)'s Avatar
    Any mod can close this thread. Apparently I asked this back in August and got the answers I need. Never got the phone, forgot I asked but have one that should be here Friday so asked again. Sorry for the duplicate.
    PHughes likes this.
    10-05-16 03:14 PM

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