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    Anyone having issue with start up time. My Dtek50 takes 21 minutes to start up, screen shows optimizing 1 of 2 apps.
    06-02-18 09:45 AM
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    Mine did a few weeks ago each time I had either switched it off or did a restart after updating some apps. The solution was to delete a app that had caused this to happen. In my case it was a translucent weather app that I had recently downloaded. This app was also showing up in my battery monitor as the most user of battery juice so I just started with it and deleted It and now my dtek50 is running good now.

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    06-02-18 02:28 PM
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    I like your signature. :-)
    06-02-18 06:17 PM
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    I like your signature. :-)
    It's still truly awesome to use.

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    06-02-18 11:58 PM
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    Anyone having issue with start up time. My Dtek50 takes 21 minutes to start up, screen shows optimizing 1 of 2 apps.

    Yes, some apps have issues. The process (all props here to Conite!) to diagnose is to charge to 100%, remove from the charger, then reboot 2 or 3 times in a row (in your situation, watch your battery level carefully though). After (yes, given your 21 minute boot-up time, it will take about an hour in total to do this), check Battery consumption since last full charge, and the apps at the top of that list should be the offending apps.

    The basic process to then try is uninstalling those apps (perhaps just one at a time) and rebooting. If the optimization process stops happening, then you have discovered the problem. If you need the app, re-install and reboot to see if the optimization problem returns. If so, check the app developers site to see if it's a known issue.

    Example: for me, I have one app that optimizes at every reboot, and the process above diagnosed it to be MyFitnessPal. Since I use the app daily, I need it installed, and so I live with the optimization at reboot issue. Checking MFP's site revealed it indeed to be a known bug:
    MyFitnessPal | Known Issues: Android App

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    06-05-18 12:19 PM
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    Thanks for the info here appreciate the fix.
    06-06-18 11:36 AM
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    Thanks! Had the same issue and able to fix it with your solution. An app was causing the start up issue
    06-11-18 01:50 AM

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